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Dismissal Locations

Dismissal Locations 

BUS RIDERS/DAY CARE: North side of the building

CAR RIDERSPre-K through 2nd grade car riders will be dismissed from the front of the building. Cars will enter the front of the school on 37th and Ave. N and must exit on 37th and Ave. M1/2 going west (left turn). 3rd and 4th grade car riders will be picked up from the Southeast side of the building near 36th street. The students from 3rd and 4th grade who have younger siblings can be picked up with their Pre-K through 2nd grader siblings in the front of the building.

 ***No parents will be allowed to walk to pick up their child as a car rider. You must be in a vehicle.

WALKERS: Parents will walk to the gym and pick up their child/children from their respective teachers. The students that truly walk home by themselves will be allowed to leave with their teacher’s permission.